2015 Pikes Peak International Hillclimb

On June 28, 2015, Jonathan Frost took the Palatov D2RS up the Mountain in 10 minutes, 21 seconds to take FIRST PLACE in the 2015 PPIHC Open Class and 13th overall out of 133 competitors.


Jonathan drove brilliantly but was seriously handicapped by a crew error that left the boost controller unplugged, and caused the car to be some 200hp down from where it was during testing. We are happy to have finished and to have the class win but we also know there is a lot more potential. We will take all the lessons we have learned and will apply them to next year's effort.

This has been a huge undertaking and many thanks are due. First, we want to express our gratitude to the organizers, officials and volunteers who make the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb happen. It is their efforts that make our part possible.

Next, we want to thank our sponsors. Our primary individual sponsor, Pete Stoppani, deserves the most credit because quite simply, without him the car would not exist. Every individual contribution to our effort is deeply appreciated.

Our commercial sponsors have been essential to our success, providing both financial and material support: ETAS, Hoosier, SolidWorks, Cantrell Motorsports, CMS Laptimer, Lancair Composites, Zukun Plan, Arcflash, Driveshaft Shop, Oregon Raceway Park, Wilwood, Ultimate3D, Portland Speed Industries, Lewis Fabrication.

And finally, we want to thank our customers who have been an integral part of the development process.

We'll be back!

2015 Palatov D2RS

D2 streetable track car platform

The purpose of the D2 design is to address the need for a lightweight two-seat sportscar that is both track ready and street capable. For 50-state emissions compliance the D2 uses a GM LS3 "E-Rod" engine package. The D2 chassis features a chromoly space frame and patent-pending suspension, with significant advances in rigidity, safety, handling, and ability to handle power. The D2RS variant further extends the performance envelope of the standard D2 with a GM LSA supercharged "E-Rod" engine and a sequential transmission.

The first generation of D2 has seen extensive development over the last three years and has made true racecar performance accessible to regular trackday drivers.

Ultimate road car

The D2RS which we are entering in this year's event is being built as a component vehicle in collaboration with Pete Stoppani, our primary individual sponsor. This means that with its emissions-compliant engine the car can be legally registered for street use. One of the key objectives of our 2015 Pikes Peak effort is to demonstrate the performance available in a Palatov car that anyone could purchase and drive on the road. We are making the dream very real. What's more, this very car can be yours with a "Summit" level sponsorship!


Like all other Palatov designs, the D2 chassis architecture is founded on the proven concept of a survival cell - a very strong structure around the occupant space that is protected from impact and intrusion, surrounded by collapsible crush zones.

The D2 survival cell consists of a triangulated space frame with fully braced rollover protection. The frame is constructed of aircraft grade 4130 chromoly seamless steel tubing and complies with racing regulations for cars weighing up to 3 times as much. For Pikes Peak only two extra rollcage tubes had to be added to comply with specific regulations.

Outside the survival cell, components have been designed to provide progressively collapsible crush structures. The driver's feet are entirely behind the front wheels and suspension, and the car has generous crush zones front, rear, and on the sides.


Wheelbase: 103”
Length: 159”
Width: 80”
Weight: ~1900lb


Engine: GM LSA 6.2L V8 E-Rod, 550+ hp
Gearbox: Quaife sequential
Drivetrain: RWD


Seats: 2
Construction: TIG Welded chromoly tube frame
Wheels: 17x8F / 18x10.5R
Tires: 235/40-17F / 315/30-18R


A skilled and talented driver is essential to a successful race effort. We have been fortunate to work with some of the best and our 2015 effort is no exception.

Jonathan Frost is a talented and experienced driver who has been a key part of our test and development program over the past several years. His input has helped refine the D2 chassis to its current high level of development. Jonathan is very familiar with the car and has both the skill and the experience to make use of its full capabilities.

Test and Development Program

Testing and development is a crucial part of any racing program. Palatov Motorsport has a long established working relationship with Oregon Raceway Park, a challenging 2.5 mile road course located in eastern Oregon. As we did in 2012, this year we will be making extensive use of ORP to prove out and refine the new systems that are particular to the D2RS, as well as the overall package.

The final phases of the test and development program were conducted at the actual Pikes Peak course.

To supplement the physical testing, Palatov Motorsport is using a number of advanced computer simulation tools including CFD from SolidWorks Flow Simulation for aerodynamics development. The virtual analysis is backed up by full data acquisition including GPS, force and operational parameter logging courtesy of CMS Lap Timer and Arcflash as well as engine performance analysis tools from ETAS.

Individual Sponsors - Over $300

Blue Sky

Daniel Keen
Mies van Grunsven
Aric Streeter
Anna and Mark Bridavsky
Gary Bohn
Kevin Douglass
David Barker
Robert Heitsch
Kurt Kaster

Devil's Playground

Neil and Valerie Bradley

Primary Individual Sponsor

Pete Stoppani

Commercial Sponsors

CMS Lap Timer

Lancair Composites

Zukun Plan


The Driveshaft Shop

Oregon Raceway Park

Portland Speed Industries

Lewis Fabrication

Ultimate 3D

Wilwood Brakes

Corsa Research & Development