Based on the data gathered from testing (mostly AFR and boost levels) I tweaked the ECU map and programmed one of our two ECUs with it.  We have two in case something goes wrong with programming, and also to be able to switch between two programs just by plugging in one or the other.  Today is qualifying, on the lower section.

As always we set up in the dark.

  The main goal for the first run is to test the new ECU map and to scrub in the tires we’re going to use for the race.  The secondary one is to finish a run so that we qualify – actual time is not super important at this point. Rodney posts a conservative 4:56 but does spend a lot of time watching the air/fuel and we have some good data for further tweaks as a result.

 Our race tires are Hoosier slicks, but we also brought a set of Hoosier A7 DOT tires to try.  They have stiffer sidewalls and take longer to warm up, but they also last longer and the compound is still excellent. Second run is on brand-new A7s and results in a 4:29 time.  We have entertained the thought of racing on the DOT Hoosiers (many competitors this year are using them, and with good reason). After some discussions we decided to race on the slicks, so the A7s will be used for the rest of testing.

The third and final run yields a 4:20 qualifying time.  Not the fastest but decent enough to hopefully get a good early grid spot.  7th overall right now but I’m sure some Time Attack cars will bump us down a few spots when they qualify later this week.  David is still getting used to all the power in the D2, and working through a few gearbox issues. He qualifies 14th for now but there is a lot more potential.

Today is a good day to check out the competition.  There are many fast cars this year.  The Audi is fun to watch – it’s a snarling beast.  They had some bodywork damage in the same spot where Rodney spun yesterday, but it’s somewhat patched up now.  They qualified right behind us.

Dumas is the favorite to win this year and his qualifying time backs that up – roughly a minute faster than us.

The pit area has been significantly improved this year and will likely be fully paved for 2018.  The view of the Mountain is impressive as always.  Yes, the race is from here to the top of there.

Tomorrow we test on the middle section.  Some more fuel map tweaks will get done this afternoon, very minor stuff.

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