Moving forward

We have to qualify tomorrow, being on the Mountain at 4 am.  A flurry of activity has occurred in the last few hours.  Composites supplies were acquired and the crew sprang into action.  The garage was lined with plastic then the real fun began.  The wing spar was straightened and the wing shell positioned on it.


Then structural 2-part foam was poured in, cured and trimmed.


Then the wing is mounted on the car and that part is done.

20160622_175604 20160622_182813_HDR

We are trying a steeper angle and bigger gurneys to see if we can get more front downforce.  Tomorrow we’ll know.

The D2 nose and D1 body were being worked on at the same time.


Our two interns are learning a lot! The result is pretty good on the inside, though not so pretty on the outside.  It will have to do.

20160622_182912 20160622_182831

While all this is happening I mounted the potentiometer on the D1 dash so it’s easily accessible and added an analog channel to the display the voltage.  This way we can easily adjust it, even without taking off the bodywork.

The trailers are now loaded save for the D1 bodywork which is still curing. Now we sleep and hopefully the resin will be cured by 2am.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

In the meantime I want to express our most sincere thanks to all who have stepped up to support us.  Besides the obvious financial help the moral support is extremely important, to know that we are not alone in this as we charge forward.  Thank you!

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