Every time we have a deadline it comes down to this. After scrambling to make parts over the weekend and have a few overnighted from various sources for today’s delivery, about mid-day the car was pretty much ready to go. This was actually ahead of what we expected and it was looking pretty good. A few final items (and what about this? and this?) stretched to about 7 pm. We finally roll it out, I get in, fire it up, push the clutch in and try to engage reverse. No luck, as the clutch pedal sinks to the floor. Sure enough, there’s a puddle of brake fluid under the car. In stationary testing there was no indication of an issue.

So up on the lift it goes. The release bearing is a hydraulic type so it’s buried inside the bellhousing. Getting to it requires pulling the gearbox which is a several hour task. Not looking good. But there is an opening in the bellhousing through which Tristan can see the fittings on the bearing. He thinks he can try tightening them with a special tool which he fashions on the spot.

A few minutes later and it looks promising. Re-bleed the circuit and it’s time for another attempt at a test drive. This time I let Tristan do it. As the car pulls out and disappears down the block it sounds surprisingly like an electric. The relatively quite exhaust, combined with he whine of the supercharger and the straight-cut gearbox make for a very unique soundtrack. Click on the picture for video (and Tristan’s unedited reaction to pushing the throttle just a little).

Tomorrow we test at ORP. If everything works, Jonathan is going to have fun! Not so long ago he drove Neil’s D1 followed by the D2 demo, and it was the first time he said he wished for more power in the D2. Well, wish granted.

Now ideally we need more tire on the back, which means getting 12″ wide rear wheels in right offset, bolt pattern and pilot. On short notice that’s a tall order but we’ll see.

Now it’s 10 pm and I can finally go home. Tomorrow is a long day.

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