Testing continues. Today Jonathan flew out to run our regular D2 demo on three different tires at ORP. We’re also testing new brake pads and fluid. We got silver wheels for the new Hoosier A7s and the car actually looks pretty snazzy on them.

A key among the many things that make Pikes Peak so challenging is the fact that you only get one shot at it, with no warmup. So part of the testing is about making sure the car gives Jonathan enough confidence to push right out of the gate. This video is an example.

The results are encouraging. His best lap on R888 is 1:48, on earlier BFG R1S 1:45 and on the new Hoosier A7 1:43. That’s getting with the program, especially for an emissions-legal car that was driven 130 miles each way to the track and back. Overall track record is 1:37.5, held by a Formula Atlantic. Also confirms that the choice of Hoosiers is a good one 🙂

We have a huge amount of work still ahead of us.

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