The race car is coming along. Would have been nice to have been at this point a couple months ago but that is always the case. At least we are much further along now than we were on this date in 2012, if that’s any consolation. Still LOTS to do before it even runs.

The plan is to first run the chassis without bodywork and this may well have to be how we show up on the Mountain for testing June 6. We’ll see.

Another point is that as massive as the rear tires look, testing has shown we could use more rubber. So I’m trying to find 18×12 wheels (vs 18 x 10.5 that we normally run) so we could mount 335 wide shoes on this beast. Just one more thing to do but it’ll work fine as-is.

One of the things that are getting done is the intake airbox. At altitude we’re already 6psi down from sea level and don’t want to lose any more to an air filter. But we need one. So Tristan has been putting together a contraption utilizing no less than 4 K&N filters in a mix of sizes. It’s turning out pretty cool – I’ll have pictures on the next post.

Next track test is on the 28th. We better have the car running by then because that’s the final chance to shake it down before we head to Colorado. Didn’t have the luxury three years ago but will make every effort to get it done now.

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