Good test day yesterday, the new brakes are working well but need some different pads. Will get that on the track next week as well as other items. In the meantime the bodywork is moving forward. The foam for the first set of plugs has arrived.

I will be traveling to Redmond tomorrow to go over the details of all the machining and production. The first plug should be in the machine soon so hopefully will have more pictures then. Below are some additional views of the new bodywork. Yes, for now the stepover height will be as high as the previous generation bodywork. We have a plan to try some modifications to ease entry/exit in the future, but have to do this one step at a time. I want to make sure that chassis rigidity and safety is not compromised for the sake of convenience. This is still a pretty hardcore machine (we’ll be developing the D5 for those who want something more street-friendly).

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