D2RS Body Painted, D1PPS progress


The painted bodywork was done Friday night so we picked it up and started the install.  These are all still prototype panels and the paint job was prioritized on speed and cost-effectiveness, knowing that nothing is final yet and much trimming/fitting/modification will come after the race.  The color is Porsche Lava Orange.


On the Mountain


This morning we were up at 3am, on the road by 3:30 and on the Mountain by 4.  The organizers have made some changes for this year and it’s now far less rushed with fewer cars, plentiful parking and more runs. Big thumbs up. As always we start setting up in the dark and get ready to run at first light.


Even more challenges


The drive thankfully was boring – that’s how I like them.  15 hours the first day, then a brief stop in a motel, then 8 hours the second day starting at 4 am and arriving at noon, directly at Pikes Peak International Raceway for a brief shakedown.  Some nice views of the Mountain on the way. It is cold up there (29 degrees forecast for the morning) but down in Colorado Springs it’s hot – feels like 90+.


Off to test!


The challenges just keep coming and we just have to take them on as they come.  The least of our worries, but adding to them, is the fact that Jonathan’s crew credentials for the test went to our old address, and Rodney’s to Australia.  More significant – yesterday we finally got the two sets of custom D2 wheels, with the 18×12 rears allowing us to run 335 rear tires.  Every bit helps there.


First testing coming up


We worked though the weekend, holiday and all, and all day today.  Technically I’m still working now at 11:30pm.  The testing on the Mountain is this coming weekend, which means we have to leave very early Thursday.  There are many things happening at once so we must have both plans and contingencies. The plan was to have both cars ready to test at ORP tomorrow, make any final adjustments Wednesday and get on the road.  At this point, while the D2RS will be ready, the D1PPS most likely will not.  Definitely not in time to get an ORP test in, and I don’t want to send it up Pikes Peak without that.  So the contingency is for Rodney and Jonathan to share the D2RS during the first test.  We already know what to expect from the D1PPS platform so the main goal is to just get Rodney as much seat time on the course as possible.  And verify a couple of changes to the D2RS, of course, the new bodywork being not the least of them.


Putting it Together


Testing on the Mountain is now less than a week away.  And we still don’t even fully know how we’re going to get there, if both cars are ready. Our normal trailer only holds one and our plan to have two custom trailers built by now has gotten only as far as having the custom axles made for both.  Not zero but not close.  So basically the plan is to cross each bridge just as we get to it, and improvise-adapt-overcome as need be.


Finding a way


One of my sayings is “Those who really want to do something look for a way.  Those who just want to talk about doing look for an excuse”.  If we wanted excuses, there’s no shortage of them lately.  Quitting is easy.  Looking for a way is hard, finding it even harder.  But not impossible.