The D5 is an ambitious project but one we are very excited about. The goal is to take the proven performance of the D2 platform and combine it with sophisticated visual design and refinement to match. It is a car that is intended to surpass the established supercars in performance and match their hard-core variants in refinement and owner experience. It will still have a raw edge and on-track prowess but with enough polish to make it a plausible proposition for a night out on the town.

The intended base powerplant is the GM LSA ‘E-Rod’ supercharged engine, with hybrid, and full electric options available. Starting at over 650 hp, there are options readily available to double the horsepower. The hybrid and full electric versions will be availble in an AWD configuration as well.

Weight will be kept under 2,500 lbs (a 500 lb gain over the D2) giving it the power-to-weight and overall performance topping that of many modern supercars. Targeting a $300K initial MSRP, the D5 is intended as the flagship of our streetable lineup.

Projected availability is mid to late 2019.




Wheel Driven (varies)


Weight (lbs)



650-1000 hp/metric ton
(3.8-2.5 lb/hp)

Dimensions (TBD)
Wheelbase: 103"
Length: 165"
Width: 76"
Height: 43"
Weight: ~2500lb
Seats: 2

Construction: Chromoly steel tube frame
Suspension: Double wishbone, pushrods, patent-pending geometry
Wheels: 17x8.5F / 18x10.5R
Tires: 235/40-17F / 315/30-18R

Engine: Electric, Hybrid, or ICE options. 650-1000hp
Gearbox: Varies
Drivetrain: AWD or RWD

As applicable

Estimated MSRP
~$300,000 and up