The mission of the D1 is to push the boundaries of what a modern vehicle is capable of while making its performance accessible to dedicated track enthusiasts.

The D1's 1,000hp/ton power/weight ratio is made usable by its innovative AWD system, the broad and flat torque curve of its 3.0L Hartley V8 engine, and advanced electropneumatic paddle shift system. While it would take a pro-level driver to extract this car's full potential, it can readily be driven by trackday participants of moderate experience. This usability is illustrated in our video of the D1 being tested in the tight confines of a kart track in damp conditions. The D1 features optional one-piece carbon body shell and advanced underbody aerodynamics with full-length tunnels.

To fully put the D1 in perspective it is useful to compare it to the Porsche RS Spyder LMP2 racer:

Engine Power Weight Drive Length Wheelbase Width Height
D1 3.0L V8 430hp 1100 lb AWD 113" 80" 68" 39"
RS Spyder 3.4L V8 470hp 1800 lb RWD 183" 113" 79" 42"

Both cars have sequential gearboxes with electronic paddle shifter and full underbody ground effects. Despite similar performance (confirmed by driver-in-the-loop simulation on several tracks such as Laguna Seca), the D1 is only 1/10th the cost of the LMP2 racer, both in initial purchase and operational costs. The D1 puts the performance of world's top racecars within reach of many dedicated enthusiasts to own and operate on a regular basis.






Weight (lbs)


Driven Wheels

~1000 hp/metric ton
(~2.2 lb/hp)

Wheelbase: 80.5"
Length: 118"
Width: 68"
Height: 42.6" (top of rollbar)
Ground Clearance: 1.5"
Weight: ~1100lb

Construction: Chromoly steel tube frame, quick-change bodywork
Wheels: 13x8
Tires: 20x8-13 race slicks

Engine: Hartley H1 V8 (430hp), Hartley Bolt4 4-cyl (250-350+hp), or Motus V4 engine (180-300+hp)
Gearbox: Hewland 5-speed sequential with reverse
Drivetrain:RWD or optional proprietary AWD system with chain drive and LSDs

As applicable

Preliminary MSRP
Complete: From $105,250
Kit: From $57,500
See FLYER for full details.

Drive the D1 in Simraceway

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