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Palatov Motorsport Modular Uprights

Our modular uprights are available to two different versions( GT & LT). Their modular nature allows them to be easily adapted to an almost unlimited range of geometries. Mounting styles are also easily adaptable; rod ends (shown) may be used for race applications or ball joints (coming soon) for more street friendly applications.

GT: These uprights use large sealed bearings (82mm OD) accepting a large CV with 1.25" spline, have shim-style camber adjustment (allowing camber changes without affecting toe), 5”x4.5” hub, and the ability to use a raised lower suspension arm for clearance of underbody aero. All together they weigh about 8 lbs/ea with no brakes. with the 11" brake package it's 19lbs (12.19" rotors can be used with approximately 4 lb weight penalty). These according to FEA are good for cars up to 2,000 lbs and over 600hp per axle using 4g as the load test. Heavier cars can be accommodated if lower loads are acceptable.

LT: These uprights are simliar in design to the GTbut are geared towards cars under 1,500 lbs and under 300 hp per axle. They have a 4x100 bolt pattern, a more appropriately sized (but still very generous) bearing and more compact/lighter CVs. Weight is 5.75 lbs without brakes and 16lbs with 10.25" vented setup (smaller/lighter is possible).

All weights listed are without CVs. CV eliminator adapters are available for non-driven axles for both designs.


  • Uprights include bearing, hub, steering arm, lower bracket, 2 camber shims, and all hardware.
  • Brake packages include 4-piston caliper, vented rotor, custom rotor hat, custom caliper bracket, and all hardware.
  • Two CV Eliminator kits are included free of charge when ordering a set of 4 uprights.
  • A set of brake pads is included free of charge when ordering two or more uprights with brake packages.
  • Custom drive axles will also be available with a variety of CV options. Contact us for details.

For ordering info contact:

Pricing is per corner:


GT Upright


DynaPro 4-piston brake package for GT upright


LT Upright


PowerLite 4-piston brake package for LT upright


CV Eliminator kit for undriven axle


Custom configurations as well as OEM and quantity discounts are available - contact us for details.

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GT Upright1

Lotus Elise Race Uprights

  • Run lower ride heights (25mm less than stock) without changing shocks/springs
  • Reduce unsprung weight = 8.8lbs total
    Front = 3lbs vs 5.8lbs (stock)
    Rear = 4lbs vs 5.6lbs (stock)
  • Run less negative camber thanks to revised geometry
  • If upgrading front brakes, mount stock front caliper to rear upright and keep stock rear caliper for parking brake
  • Proven, race-winning design

Available exclusively through Sector 111


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