1994 Ford Escort RS Cosworth - SOLD

Weber-Marelli ECU "Big" turbo version.
50,000 miles. Car is in good, daily-driver condition. Some minor paint imperfections and dings.

This car was imported as new by Sun International Racing. It has current regular street title and registration in Oregon and passed emissions test.

Parts support primarily by Fritz Schmidt (Germany), and other UK suppliers.

Maintenance done locally by Morgan's Mechanical.
Car was in NJ from 1999-2007, work done by experienced mechanic at a Ford dealer. Maintenance books included.

Parts have been gradually upgraded with high performance options supplied by Fritz Schmidt.


-Group A Head Gasket and Bolts

-High flow rate fuel pump

-High flow rate fuel injectors

-Fuel pressure regulator.

-K&N cone filter intake w/ trumpet.

-Group A dump valve (cold side pressure valve).

-Ferodo brake pads.

-OZ wheels: forest rally style

-Carbon cover to turbo heatshield (extra thickness--protects original part).

-Carbon front air dam/splitter (original shape parts also available).

Significant refreshing and maintenance at 46,000 miles:

-New ECU (chips for stock and modified mapping).

-Many new sensors.

-Group A wastegate (adjustable with multiple spring options).

-3" stainless steel exhaust with sports cat (passes Oregon DEQ test).

-Powerflex bushings front and rear.

-Koni adjustable shocks front and rear (currently set to 25% stiff to emulate stock setup).

-Fresh Toyo T1-R tires.

- New battery in August 2009.

Current known issues:
-A/C cuts out or rarely activates. Refrigerant is OK.
-LH Window sometimes rocks and gets stuck in final few mm of travel. Car has always had this problem. Work-around is to just drag finger at rear edge of window when raising if it gives trouble. Not changing in severity.
-Most of front windscreen defroster works, but a few strips on the passenger side do not.
-Volt meter does not read (just stopped working after recent battery install)
-Backlighting (electro-luminescent) is spotty (gets damaged by sun and age apparently).